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Parlegal is an assistant agency that provides legislative consultancy services with its many years of experience.

Parlegal Makes Life Easier

Parlegal is an assistance agency with many years of experience in providing legal consultancy services. The services we offer are related to assistance services to help employees and other clients solve their problems and increase their productivity, and financial and legal issues related to the company they work for are outside the scope of this service. This service is provided in accordance with the Attorneyship Law No. 1136 and the Regulation on Attorneyship Law of the Union of Turkish Bar Associations. Parlegal Assistance Services do not cover matters related to labor law and investment consultancy.

With Parlegal Digital Assistant, which we established in cooperation with Vodafone, we continue to provide the most excellent consultancy service to our clients in the shortest time possible.

Parlegal Assistance Services

Parlegal continues to provide assistance services to local and international clients with many years of experience.

Parlegal Employee Assistance

Parlegal Employee Assistance is an assistant service offered to all employees by professional companies that value their employees.

‘A peaceful employee is a high-performance employee, and a high-performance employee also increases the success of the company.’ inspired by this detection, Parlegal learns from themselves the issues that cause employees to worry and reduce their performance. First of all, the problem is determined in the light of the information given, and the relevant Parlegal Specialist draws a roadmap and shares it with the employee. When the personal problems of the employee are resolved, the work energy and motivation increase and the positive energy it spreads reflects positively on both the working environment and our society.

Providing professional assistance in psychological and legal issues that reduce employee performance, Parlegal continues to be the number one HR benefit package of corporate companies.

Parlegal Tourism Assistance

When global tourism statistics are taken into consideration, our number of tourists is increasing more and more every passing year. Considering the great demand for our country, the assistance service is of great importance for visitors to be peaceful and satisfied in our country.

A tourist who comes for a vacation or an expat who moves to our country to work may get anxious and stressed due to unexpected events that they encounter. Especially with the tension of being in a foreign country, they feel helpless. 

Parlegal offers Tourism Assistance to domestic and foreign tourists and provides assistance in psychological and legal issues they encounter in our country. Thus, the number of tourists choosing our country and the satisfaction rate are increasing even more.

Health Tourism Assistantship

Today, various innovative policies are being implemented in order to increase Turkey’s share in the field of international health tourism. At the top of these are the special assistance services offered to tourists.

Guests who come to our country for health tourism attach great importance to support and assistance services while receiving the service they need. Our guests who receive Parlegal assistant service do not experience the stress of being in a foreign country, and even choose our country only because of this professional support service.

Parlegal Health Tourism Assistant continues to provide assistance services in psychological and legal issues to domestic and foreign tourists in the face of unexpected events that have happened to them in our country with its long-standing professional service.

Parlegal Expat Assistance

Nowadays, it is seen that the national borders in business life have been completely removed. Especially in recent years, many foreigners prefer our country with their family to work.

Official institutions announce that the foreign population residing in Turkey exceeds 2 million. This number is getting higher every day. Expats who need the right information and reliable support to come to our country and get a residence and work permit prefer Parlegal Expat Assistant in the assistance services required for both themselves and their families.

The services that Parlegal offers to expats do not consist only of legally required permits. Parlegal is again the most reliable choice for psychological and legal problems that a foreigner will need against unexpected events that may happen to him in our country.

Parlegal, which has been providing quality services to expats and their families to date, continues to maintain its well-deserved reputation that it has achieved with its achievements.

Parlegal Individual Assistant

In modern society, individuals face different problems every day. Parlegal provides very important support services for a quality and peaceful life with the Individual Assistant service it offers to everyone, local, foreign, tourist and immigrant in Turkey.

The main problems that Parlegal individual assistant service recipients need support from are depression, stress, obesity, family problems, separation, child custody or alimony problems, tenant-landlord relations, retirement, unfair traffic fines, consumer rights and banking problems such as credit cards. .

These problems, which cause anxiety disorders, create an intense, continuous state of anxiety in people. In such cases, people move away from social life, their performance decreases and they become withdrawn. 

Extending a helping hand with its professional experts, Parlegal keeps individuals away from all kinds of stress, identifies alternative ways and shares all solutions with the client. Thus, individuals do not become depressed due to unnecessary anxieties, and they can be healthy individuals who can focus directly on the solution.

Corporate Assistance Service

Parlegal has a well-deserved reputation in the field of corporate consulting with the experience of being in the sector since 2010 and the self-confidence given by its achievements.

Parlegal, which provides support especially on psychological and legal issues, is able to prevent possible damages without any dispute with the professional services it offers to the employees of the institution.

Companies that receive Parlegal corporate assistant support are adding Parlegal to their existing Human Resources benefit packages in order to prevent their employees from experiencing low performance and motivation.

With the help of Parlegal Assistant, the employee’s performance and energy increase, which increases the success and earnings within the company. For more detailed information, you can visit our website or call our call center.

Parlegal Employee Consultancy Areas of Expertise

Family and Inheritance Problems, Mediation Services, Press and Media, Banking Problems, Debt Problems, Criminal Problems, Litigation and Dispute Resolution, E-commerce, Labor and Social Security, Real Estate and Construction Problems, Health Rights Problems, Insurance Rights Problems, Consumer Rights, Foreigners and Citizenship Solutions

Parlegal Price List

Monthly Assistance Service

Prices Per Person
$ 19

3 Month Assistance Service

Prices Per Person
$ 49

6 Month Assistance Service

Prices Per Person
$ 89

Annual Assistance Service

Prices Per Person
$ 169

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